ASA Haut Vivarais

The F86 SABRE is the first swept wing jet fighter designed and built by North American after World war II. Around 10.000 thousand were eventually manufactured by the company and had been operated by more than 30 Air Forces around the world.
Confrontation between the F86 end the Mig15 during Korean conflict is a major episode in history of air to air combat, The F86 Kill ratio against Mig15 during Korean war was 10 to 1.

Our aircraft is Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk 6 (sn S6-1675), very last specimen of the 655 produced by Canadair, powered by an ORENDA 14 jet engine of 7400 lbs of thrust, the most powerful and last of the ORENDA engine lineage. The Sabre MK6 is known to be the best of all 16 types produced among the 10.000 one's, showing the best high altitude and low speed performance due to reintroduced wing leading edge slats.