ASA Haut Vivarais

Our company is operating Fighter Warbirds since 2008 and had displayed Hawker Sea Fury and P51D Mustang Moonbeam Mc Swine from 2008 to 2017 all around Europe in the most known Civilian and Military Airshows.

Since 2019 we are now operating the Iconic F86 Sabre Mk6.

We have our own maintenance facilty at Avignon airport (LFMV) south of France. Our acftis professionally maintened by EASA professional engineer It has a full insurance cover for airshow incompliance with EC Regulation 785/2004 with € 30.000.000 Liabilties cover in cluding AVN52E. Our beautiful F86/E SABRE is available for any airshows, she is the only one fly in Europe. The SABRE is an iconic jet, fighting against the MIG15 during KoreanWar. Our Sabre had been built for the Luftwaffe, it has spent 20 years in Germany from 1958 up to 1978 before joining USA at Flight System Inc.

The F86 Kill ratio against Mig15 during Korean war was 10 to 1 ! Our F86 is a Canadair MK6, the last and more powerfull built with 50% of more power than the early US model. The Sabre F86 total production is 9860 specimens sold to 28 countries all around the world, first a head the 4500 iconic F16 Fighter built and sold to 27 countries. Only 12 are Airworthy in the World! The F86 had flown in 11 European Air Forces, France-Belgium-Italy-Spain-Portugal-Germany-Englang-Norway-Denmark-Greece-and Yugoslavia.

PILOT - Frédéric AKARY

17.000 flight hours, CPL and ATPL licences, Boeing 777 CPT, flight instructor, ex-French Aerobatic Team Member, flight test and aerobatic airshow experience since 1988, and also AESA Part 66 engineer. More than 140 airshows displays flown in the last 12 years all around Europe on Hawker Sea Fury, P51D Mustang and F86 Sabre. Holder of Display Authorization for warbirds display.